Belinda Holmes Eastside Yoga Adelaide

The 5 real reasons I do yoga

In B Inspired with Belinda by Eastside Yoga & Pilates

  1. Yoga lengthens the body and ensures long lean muscles. (I bulk easy and my stress release is to run. This tightens my muscles.)
  2. Flushes out the system faster than any other body movement. I love the hot classes so this is even more of a stress and toxic relief. (My skin is always soft and supple)
  3. Stretching the body leaves you with a sense of lightness. I always walk into the studio with a heavier mindset than when I leave. My mind is clearer to deal with problems that would usually overwhelm me.
  4. Improves posture. This makes you feel taller and leaves you with a confidence no other exercise does. You can walk out of class an inch taller than when you started. Lengthening and stretching the spine. (When you're 5 foot like me that’s a blessing😂)
  5. The meditation element part of a yoga class allows me to check in with my breath. It gives me an insight into my emotional well-being. If I am struggling to breathe deeply I know my body is dealing with more stress. This emotional gauge is powerful as it gives me a chance to evaluate what’s stressing me and face it with deep breaths and acceptance.