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Belinda Grigson

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Belinda: Founder, Master Facilitator and CEO!

Hi, I’m Belinda Grigson, a fitness instructor with many years experience in teaching Yoga and Pilates. I have brought my special brand of teaching experience to Erindale and have opened Eastside Yoga & Pilates at 370 Kensington Road, Erindale. As a mum to six active children, I know how important it is to look after your health and wellness. Let me show you how my Hot Yoga and Pilates classes can help you achieve a level of fitness that you have never experienced before.

My love of fitness can be traced to when I was just 3 years old when I fell in love with ballet. I continued to train as a dancer well into my early thirties.

After discovering Yoga in 2004, I knew this would extend my love of dance, using each posture to benefit and maintain flexibility. Yoga gave me the chance to build onto the relationship between the body, mind and breathing. I was amazed at how Yoga toned my body and alleviated the stress of a busy life as the mother of 6 beautiful children. I completed Bikram Yoga teacher training under Bikram Choudry in 2011 and then completed further training in Pilates.

I have always maintained that physical fitness ties in with mental fitness. I truly believe that I can help you look and feel better and enjoy a better quality of life. I am often told that I have an authentic, non-judgmental teaching style and a compassionate nature. I love being able to help my pupils reach their goal weight, improve their muscle tone and strengthen their core whilst enjoying the journey. You can read some of my pupils’ testimonials here.