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In B Inspired with Belinda by Eastside Yoga & Pilates

Forget the horror stories you hear about hot yoga. People have an opinion about everything. What you should wear, who you should be, what size you need to obtain.

@hotyogabybelinda we don’t care about anything but you. How you feel! What you need!

Don’t put your exercise or meditation off for another day, week or month. Today is your day to take control of your own life.

I am here to help you. Personally I have had struggles. My god I have 6 children and my life isn’t perfect. But as I’m told by everyone including the universe is that we are perfectly imperfect human beings. ✨✨✨✨

I started yoga when my Dad passed away from long term struggles with substance abuse. He was my rock.

He taught me the importance of exercise and my deep love of animals. The main thing he instilled in me and what I believe deep down I’m to instil in others is that if you apply yourself to exercise you can use that same application to life and you will always be successful. You must use exercise to gain discipline.

He taught me to always question this lifetime and that aliens are real. He taught me to respect our ocean and that I am a mermaid and at one with all.
He was a world class swimmer in his day and used to put me on his back at 2 and tell me to hold my breath whilst he dived under the water the whole length of a 50 metre pool.

I believe my father was before his time and struggled with the ignorance and injustice in this lifetime.

He told me to always look at the stars and the moon for answers. To respect the power of the things we can’t see in the sky.

Mother Earth was his safe place where only he could hand raise a whole family of magpies from his front garden. The were so tame they had to be put into a sanctuary when he passed.

For many years after his passing I was angry. Angry he left me, angry he struggled, angry I didn’t get to have him by my side while I went through some of my hardest challenges to date.

When I let the anger go I was able to look around and see him in the birds. See him in the stars and in nature. He never left he just gave me the tools I needed.