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Flexible Timing

We know you are super busy. That's why we offer so many classes at different times.

We fit in with you - Open 7 days

Our founder Belinda is a proud mum to 6 kids, so she knows all about the challenges of fitting everything in! So we are open 7 days to make it easier for you to get to class, and you can book in anytime using our online system.

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Awesome Instructors

Belinda picks her instructors with the upmost care, to ensure that they do the very best to train you in a safe and caring way.

Experts who also care about you

We offer such a diverse range of classes and our teachers are all trained and certified overseas. They are already experts in their craft, yet they continue to develop their skills, understanding that the learning journey is never truly completed.

Meet Our Team


Belinda created the studio after hearing so many people tell her how impersonal many yoga studios are.


Belinda ensures that every client receives an enjoyable and personal experience, whether she is taking the class or one of her carefully hand-picked teaches is. You will not be lost in the crowd.

Meet Belinda

It’s All AboutYour Health

  • Weight Loss

    Burns more calories than a regular yoga by heating up the body causing the heart rate to increase.

  • Improve Posture

    Strengthens the muscles surrounding the spine preventing lower back pain. It straightens the spine by lengthening and allowing synovial fluid to flow healing and strengthening your spinal column.

  • Increase Flexibiity

    The heat helps the joints , ligaments and muscles to loosen improving flexibility.

  • Rids Toxins

    The body is a sophisticated unit designed to rid itself of toxins through perspiration. In the heated room we flush out toxins improving the cardiovascular system. helping to regulate hormones and increasing circulation.

  • Mental Wellbeing

    There are no phones, no distractions. The room is designed to help you focus on yourself, your alignment and mental focus. This enables you to be mindful and present.

Festive SeasonSpecial Offers

Happy Silly Season! We know how crazy (and expensive!) the festive season can be! 
We are so committed to helping you keep your practice and wellness in check.
Therefore we have put together some great offers for you…

Happy New Year voucher, unlimited classes for $99.  Conditions Apply.December Challenge! We know December can be crazy & we want to help you keep your wellness and fitness in check!  Do 30 classes in December and win a month of free classes* as well as a yoga mat to start your new year with a yoga bang! *Pilates Reformer classes and one-on-one classes not included.

Our ClientsLove Our Studio

Pleasant but challenging,
This is my first experience of HOT Yoga having done yoga before but Belinda and her awesome team have made it a pleasant but challenging experience. I like the fact I can do different types of classes here and the teachers are great at explaining and helping you gain the right postures, nobody judges you, it is what it is on the day. So after two and a half months of 4/5 classes per week I have lost 3kg, but more importantly I have lost 5cms of my waist, 4cms of my chest and 3cms of my hips, so effectively dropping a couple of dress sizes. The weight loss isn’t a true indication of how much I have lost as I have converted fat to muscle and my body is starting to tone again! Its a great way to get your sexy back and feels awesome when people notice! ’Roxy
The best instructor I have ever had,
I am only 29 years old and I have experienced lower back pain for many years. Yoga and Pilates help me to control and alleviate the pain. I have been to many studios to practise Yoga and Pilates. Belinda is the best instructor that I have ever had. I cannot wait until Belinda opens her own studio at Erindale. I want to be her first client.Anna
Belinda makes it enjoyable.
I have always disliked any form of exercise and I used to get bored taking exercise classes. However I have now done Hot Pilates classes with Belinda and I love it. I schedule all my other activities around the classes. Even my mother is now doing Pilates and loving it (even though it is a long time since she has done any exercise at all). Belinda makes it enjoyable for both of us. I cannot believe she has had 6 children.Carolyn
I feel so much fitter.
I have been doing Pilates with Belinda three times a week for the past three months. I feel and look so much fitter. I have lost weight, my muscles are more toned and my core is so much stronger. Belinda makes the sessions enjoyable and she takes a personal interest in my improvement .Brook

Work TowardsYour Goals


Start Now and Meet Your Goals

Is today just one day or is it Day One?

Want to feel better and look great?

Just start!

No matter how unfit you feel, how far you feel you have to go, just start and you will feel the difference immediately.

As they say, "rolling out your mat is the hardest part..." so just start! Once you are here in our safe hands, we will help you get where you want to go.



Phone: 0402 140 115
Address: Rear of, 370 Kensignton Rd, Erindale, SA 5006

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