How about yoga in paradise? Yoga Retreat Bali 2019

Did you hear about our yoga trip to Bali paradise?  This trip was such a huge success, we are definitely going to do it again. 

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Yes, please add me to the ‘maybe’ list for the next Bali trip!

Please hear from Belinda below about this amazing trip and check out the gorgeous photos!

Recently I had the privilege to travel to Bali. I came away with extreme gratitude. Jo and I started a new tradition that we will never stop!! With out Jo McLaren and our family at Lily lane Villas I would not have had such an amazing opportunity 🙏

For 6 days we submerged ourselves and our dear friends in a spiritual experience that has changed my life for ever. We came to ubud with an open mind and heart. Every day we practiced 2 yoga classes and submerged ourselves in Balinese culture. We tried new things and rode a mountain bike for 20km. We hung upside down in Ariel yoga and witnessed a traditional ceremony.

I got to see Mother Nature at her best, so untouched and full of Hindu culture. We have been so blessed to share this experience with our friends. I have never felt so lucky and at one with nature.

I have already started planning next September 🥰

Thank you Rebekah Ryan Dimi Spano
Karina Wiles Rosie Horak just to name a few who made this journey possible.

I am truly one lucky lady 🥰🥰

Thank you so much for this opportunity

Thank you Lily Lane Villas for the most perfect experience.
Lily Lane Villas had everything covered. There was not a thing that was not thought through and planned.


Stay tuned for the next yoga retreat 💗

Our PhotosBALI 2019

Yes, please add me to the ‘maybe’ list for the next Bali trip!